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New techniques, new work

Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.A few weeks ago I bought an expensive new machine - an embellisher. It speeds up dry needle felting enormously and opens up the range of fibres and fabrics that can be used. I'm pretty excited about it and have spent all my recent studio days making samples of different textures. There is also the possibility to draw on fabric with yarns.Click on the photo above to visit my Flickr account and see a few more pictures of work in progress. I'll post more pictures of finished work as it emerges.

I'm looking forward to a workshop this Saturday, on stitched textiles at Leith School of Art - hoping to learn new techniques and a more considered approach to projects. I currently dive right in and end up with loads of ideas with no coherent plan. It's exciting and fun but very difficult to market the output. Sometimes I wish I didn't find quite so many things interesting!