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Cool blues and hot news!

work in progress
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Just a quick post to let the world know that Rosie McKenzie and I will be sharing an exhibition in November and December in her gallery RM Art. Rosie's work is fairly abstract landscape painting and I will be showing my current collection of cyanotype lace studies. Although heavily contrasting in subject matter both sets of work share the same range of blues in their colour palettes.

Dates times and other details will be along later.

Crazy Summer!

Attack of the knitted tentacles
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Well I'm not so glad it's over but I am glad of the rest! This summer has been a real rollercoaster of craft/art things, day job things, family and friends things, educational things and a completely new thing on top!

So what was it all?

In June there was the Craft at Coburgexhibition, a trip to the Isle of May for a friend's birthday, the first ICMS workshop I've been responsible for in years, another birthday celebration, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and a couple of family trips to Perth.

In July I was still doing the day job while creating work for the Attack of the Knitted Tentacles exhibition (photo above), creating new cyanotype work (posts below), keeping on top of family commitments, birthday lunch for an aunt and going to lots of planning meetings. By this time I was wearing out and my body just started saying no when I tried to do things. I was really sad to pull out of a mee…