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Pictures at an exhibtion

Last night was the opening of Images from the Garden IX at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh where it turns out I have two prints on display :-) I'm pleased about this as I've submitted work to this exhibition for a few years now and I never know what will be selected until the opening night. This is one of the two they picked:

Pollenation (Sparrmannia africana - African hemp).

Of course the images are worth seeing in real life, as is the rest of the exhibition. The majority of work is botanical painting but more space than ever is now given to photography and there are a number of craft works on display too. I particularly like the felt work by Sylvia Woodford probably because some of it reminds me of my own work. (see If you are in Edinburgh between now and the end of March do go and see the show. Details at

My very first post!

I've just launched this blog as an experiment. It will be a bit more free form than my website - though I'm not sure what direction it will take. Expect ruminations on photography and textile art and tapirs!

The domain name above is the source of the blog's name. My partner decided madeleineshepherd could be read as madeleine's hepherd rather than Madeleine Shepherd. When I figure out what a heperd is I'll post a picture!

More to come soonish.