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A Life of Eggs Picasso

I have so many ideas for new creative work and so few outlets for them. The house and studio are stuffed with things I've picked up for a project and not had time to even start it. Add into the mix some academic writing, some teaching, family stuff and actually making a regular living and there's little chance of focus. It comes out like Eggs Picasso - a scrambled egg/omlette dish my mum used to make. It had all sorts of bits of in it - peppers, ham, onion, mushrooms, green beans, garlic sausage, whatever. You got a little taste of everything and not enough of any to be satisfying. It actually looked more like Jackson Pollock than Picasso and that's probably true of my creative life just now too. Not that I'm about to get drunk and smash up a car (well not the car bit anyway!)

Being sociable on the internet is a great thief of time and one thing I'm able to cut down on. I will aim for one post a month here and hope to have some new work to post about each time. Faff…

Lunar Eclipse

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Well the fact that it was clear when something interesting was happening in the night sky tempted me back to trying some astrophotography for the first time in around 30 years. My partner and I took all the kit down to the back green and stood around in the cold for half an hour while I took far too many bad pictures. Then we went for a pint and came back to take some more. The three best are on my flickr account -get there by clicking this image.