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The Trundling Knitter!

27th April 2010 sees the coincidence of two events of personal importance, my final orthopedic examination after last year's double hip replacement surgery and World Tapir Day. I intend to mark both events simultaneously by walking the measured mile-long footpath in the Meadows in Edinburgh for the first time without my walking sticks. To make sure I can't hold a walking stick in either hand, I'll be knitting as I go.

That covers the renewed mobility but what about the tapirs? Well, the good folks at World Tapir Day have announced the 2010 Trundle for Tapirs - an initiative encouraging small local, fund-raising efforts all around the globe to preserve the habitat of Mountain Tapirs in Ecuador. While this campaign focuses on the tapirs there are obvious benefits to the ecology of the region and in turn to the whole planet. So to help me mark World Tapir Day, I'm asking as many people as possible to sponsor my walking knit to raise funds for World Tapir Day's no…