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Hyperbolic crochet and science funding.

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Well I've been back nearly a week and almost recovered now. I did far to much and ended up wearing out my arthritic knee plodding round London - but it was well worth it!

The original US reef exhibits in the Hayward Gallery are tremendously gorgeous - especially the little beaded ones. (I feel my beading needles may have to come out again soon.) The UK reef overflows into the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall where it's on display for much longer hours and there are lots of crochet events for you to participate in if you around there. Next to it is the US Toxic Reef which is largely constructed from scrap found washed up on beaches. The Hayward wouldn't allow photos but the RFH didn't mind so if you click photo in this post you go to my images of the Toxic Reef, the UK Reef and the symposium on Flickr.

The symposium was lots of fun with a couple of hands-on sessions. Marcus du Sautoy was one of two hosts and possib…

Ceremonial Pinning!

Ceremonial Pinning!
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This was at the opening of rm art (yes, it's upper case free) on Friday 6 June and was taken by Ida Thompson. Being topologists, Andrew and Joerg had come along to see my Mobius baskets. Andrew bought one of my Matisse-inspired brooches for Joerg and insisted I pin it on his lapel. It does look really good with the red t-shirt.

It was a really nice opening with lots of good fizz to drink and interesting and unexpected people to chat with - including Simon Gage, director of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. I'm not sure why, but it always amazes me how the networks of people in Edinburgh fold back on themselves. Apparently gallery owner Rosie's children go to the same school as Simon's.

Six degrees of separation is really quite a lot sometimes. I discovered that one of the staff in Fabhatrix is friendly with the the landlord of my studio space. I share the …

rm art opening

Art Gallery 2
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Yay! Rosie McKenzie's new gallery is open and selling my work right from the start! It's a classic white cube that doesn't distract from the vibrant mixture of work on show. Being is St Stephen's Street, it's in the heart of an upsurge in interesting and accessible gallery spaces in Stockbridge. The preview was on Friday night and the gallery formally opens on Tuesday 10 June. Drop in and see it some time.