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Coral critters, Greek cyanotypes and more...

felted crochet coral fragments
Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.Well it's been ages since I posted anything here and I don't really know why or where to begin. I had my second hip operation in October 2009 and been recovering slowly since then. I've been far from idle over the months but not in a blogging mood. I think mostly due to post op fatigue and physiotherapy. Facebook is also partly to blame - it's been easy to keep in touch with friends and family that way but it's also a huge thief of time. Now that I'm back at the "day job" full time things are a bit more disciplined.

So what of the arty work?

I'm finally finishing off the coral critters brooches that I started in the spring. That's one in the photo. There should be a couple of dozen when I'm done. I've also made some nudibranchs and starfish and plan to send them off to the Irish Hyperbolic Coral Reef project in Dublin.

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