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Year end musings

The last days of the year are upon us. I know the particular day on which the year changes is more than a little arbitrary but the culture of the year end is still strong.  Re-assesment (and self-assessment for the self-employed!) pervades our thinking.  And so this week I began giving away some of my artwork to family members as the start of some deck-clearing activity for the year to come.  No more cyanotypes of lace and leaves or of anything else for the time being.  A move to a smaller studio space means I have to focus on what I want to use it for - and that boils down to concept-based textile work and textile accessories.  

This year's concept project is in its early stages and involves textiles, maths and biology - no more to say until the research is underway in January.

The wearable part of my work will continue to explore the continuum from necklace to scarf to wrap to jacket.  I anticipate some larger felt pieces coming out of this small space.  I've also fallen h…

Christmas manifestations

mosaic scarves and sari shawl...
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The open weekend may have passed but you can still find these scarves in the gallery at Coburg House every Saturday and Sunday before Christmas.

I've also got some work in the Craft Reactor Members' Showcase in Hula on West Bow. See earlier posts for full details.

Hope to have some wearable maths in the form of Mobius scarves and hyperbolic crochet on show in the Stick Factory on Mayfield road next week.

Finally I'm waiting to hear if i have a stall at a fair on 15 December. I'll post again if I get a positive response.

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Scarves on show

In the gallery
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Yes, it's that time of year again. Open Studios is in full swing and going well. There's still Sunday to go so how about this for a plan. It looks like it's going to be great weather for a morning walk along the Water of Leith arriving at the Shore in tme for lunch in one of the riverside bars or restaurants and an afternoon of exclusive Christmas shopping at Coburg House Art Studios in Coburg Street. Just sayin'...