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Potential Culprit!

Potential Culprit!
Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.'e's the guy wot done it, Guv! Well maybe...

Haven't blogged for a while partly because I've been ill on and off for around a month! Flu hit me at the end of January and for longer than I thought it would. Then, just when it seemed I was back on an even keel, Mike and I both came down with the nasty intestinal bug that was doing the rounds in the hospital where his dad's being treated at the moment.

No need for grim details but I thought I'd post a picture of a possible perpetrator. We got this guy and E. Coli from the Giant Microbes collection as a Christmas present from the Sapient Pig a couple of years ago. The infection probably isn't Shigella but it helps to visualise the illness - doesn't look so cute now!Anyway, here's a hostage to fortune - I hope to be back in the studio at the weekend finishing off two batches of work - the next generation of tentacled pots and a bunch of hyperbolic cr…