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Hurrah for new toys!

I bought this a week ago and spent all day on Saturday playing with it. It makes tubes 44 stitches in circumference or straight pieces up to 44 stitches wide and takes up to a sort of medium chunky weight of yarn - just right for a tubular scarf but a bit narrow to make hats.Turning the handle is a bit boring but it takes the slog out of simple stuff like this. The simplicity really shows off beautiful yarns, though.

But enough of the conventional knitting. What it's really for is making the main bodies of giant knitted and crocheted sea slugs!

New Year, New work

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First new work made in the new studio :-) Back there tomorrow to tidy up and plan where the main work table will go and maybe make some prototypes of knitted felt fingerless mits as well as the sea critter inspired sculptural pots (with many green tentacles!) and jewellery to match.

The long winter holiday from the office gets eaten up by family gatherings and so on and it seems nothing like two weeks since I left the office but it was... Hopefully the new year will bring a renewed discipline and I'll get on with my 3 major projects