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felt pots for rm art gallery

felt pots for rm art gallery
Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.Just delivered a further set of pots and bowls and Mobius baskets to rm art at 51 St Stephen's Street, including some that have a felted hyperbolic crochet frill around the neck.

Rosie is getting ready to show a new set of paintings during the Edinburgh Festival 2008 and it's well worth a visit. Also in stock are some very sleek steel bowls, Catherine Aitken's handbags and lots of jewellery including my felt brooches and four cyberjewel brooches.

Alien Surfaces

Alien Surfaces 1
Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.Hurrah! the show is open daily for the month of August!

I'm completely puggled as my grandmother used to say - i.e. worn out. As well as setting up the exhibition, I've now up dated my website with the images and have created a print on demand account at Imagekind where you can buy copies of the purely digital work. You can read more about the background to the exhibition on both sites but nothing beats a visit to the show in real life. Come along to Transreal Fiction, 7 Cowgatehead, by the Grassmarket, Edinburgh and see the knitted model of the planet in Christopher Priest's Inverted World. I'm really grateful to Mike at Transreal for accommodating this piece as it's much bigger than orignially planned and has had to go in the window. Many thanks also to Hugh Griffiths of Geeks with Pointy Sticks for his help in writing the pattern at the beginning of this project and to Fawns Reid at Fabhatrix for supplying t…