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Decorate Transreal!

Today was light up day for Decorate Edinburgh and that means a full reveal of the Transreal Fiction  tree I've been decorating with mathematical knitting and crochet. Decorate Edinburgh is a fund raising project for local charities. Around the city, small businesses have given money and received trees to decorate in return. Their Tree Trail leaflet lists all the participants so you can see how they've all gone about decorating Edinburgh for Christmas.

I volunteered for the decorating without much persuasion. This seemed like the perfect reason to finally knit Norah Gaughan's  stellated dodecahedron. After all, her father, Jack Gaughan, illustrated science fiction books and magazines. So now my version of her design top of Transreal Fiction's Christmas tree. (Want to make one too? the pattern is here and it's free

So much for the tree topper but what about the rest? Well, having started with a mathematical idea I figured I cou…

Plum & Pepper Christmas Outings

In spite of trying to take it easy this year I have very full December so you lucky people can see (and even buy!) my work.

First up is the geekiest project so far - knitted mathematical Christmas decorations for a charity tree in a science fiction bookshop! Transreal Fiction asked me to help out with their Decorate Edinburgh contribution and and you can see the resulting Fibonacci series of baubles and garlands in the shop at 46 Candlemaker Row until the end of the month. This knitted stellated dodecahedron is on top of Transreal Fiction's Christmas tree. (Want to make one too? the pattern is here and it's free

Next up is the Craft Reactor Winter Exhibition, 3 December to 7 January in Hula Juice Bar and Cafe 103 West Bow Edinburgh. I'll be taking part with lots of my crafty chums. Pop in for a look and some coffee and cake!

Coburg House Open Studios is next. Come and see what everyone's been up to since August. We're open a…