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Beasts and Bestiary

Dino Card holder!
Originally uploaded by Tapirland At last a post about a current project! Mike's shop, Transreal Fiction, is ten years old this year. As part of the celebrations we took the holiday in the posts below. However since we got back I've been concentrating on the next event - an exhibition of photographs of authors we've encountered over the last ten years.

It's called A Bestiary of Authors and runs throughout August during the Edinburgh Festival. Rex here is holding up the postcards so you can see them. He's one of the dinosaurs I made as window props years ago and very well behaved.

There are 34 authors in the show - famous and not quite so famous yet - rendered as full colour or black and white photographs or as solvent transfer prints. I'll post a bit more about it here once it's open but I'm up to my ears in getting it and it's attendant website ready just now. Meantime, head over to My Myspace page for a little more detail or to …