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Alba ad Astra - Run Extended!

Alba ad Astra
Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.Mike at Transreal Fiction has agreed to extend the run of the Alba ad Astra exhibition to the end of September. All the documents, so carefully researched by Gavin Inglis and Andrew C. Ferguson of Writers' Bloc continue to be on display along side my photographs. If you thought you'd missed your chance to see this fantastic piece of research into Scotland's engineering past then don't despair - there are still a few weeks in which to visit it at Transreal Ficiton, 7 Cowgatehead, The Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

If you can't get a long to the show you can see the photographs and some of our research notes at

The collective which constructed this exhibition is currently considering how to take it forward. We hope to be able to report on the expected return of the Golden Eagle capsule on 30th November, regardless of restrictions that may be placed in our path. We also hope to be able to reconcile…

Ends and beginnings

Dissected Sweaters
Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.It's been a while since I wrote anything for the blog. The supreme effort of mounting an exhibition and getting the studio ready for the open weekend so soon after the operation really took its toll. I more or less flopped after the 9th of August and the Edinburgh Festivals have mainly passed us by this year. Mike has been writing about the things we managed to get along to at Semaphore for Ducks if you're interested. Recovery is proceeding fairly well, with a few set backs as I get used to Edinburgh's different schools of bus driving again! I also fell out of bed this morning so I'm being a bit tentative about moving around right now. Balancing exercise and and rest is really difficult. I always think I can do more than I really can then come crashing down later. However, if I have a good week next week and get the all clear from the University GP, I'll be back at "the day job" during the following …