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It's about time for another post!

Well it's been a while. I've been rattling around doing far too much - as usual!

Alien Surfaces has been and gone, although some prints are still on display at Transreal . The images are still online at - and and the digital ones are still for sale at ImageKind (see panel on the right). Lots of positive feedback gained and interesting contacts made. There were even a couple of blogs with posts about it.

Fantasy author Brian Ruckley came to see it and liked it enough to mention it on his blog. What was slightly odd was that his post also covers another exhibition, on the history of printing in Scotland, and my uncle has been involved in some of the work in that show. Brian thought it was spooky but I reckon it's just another manifestation of the fact that Edinburgh's the optimum size for networks to interconnect. It probably also shows why he writes fantasy and I read hard science fiction (when I make the time).

The knitted sculpture (above) wo…