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Witch Hazel Winter

Hamamelis intermedia Jelena
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Plants are a constant fascination. This witch hazel in bloom in January for instance. The ragged petals are the inspiration for a collection of scarves I've been developing for a couple of years. (photo next time.)

The mathematics that governs the growth and development of plants has also captivated me, though the opportunity for study has been and still is, limited. That said, it forms the basis of my next big project - Botanica Mathematica. I want to make this a mass participation project and am working on a couple of patterns to release into the wild. How they are interpreted by individuals will be analogous to the effects of local environmental conditions. Actual mistakes might mimic genetic mutations. Collected images and specimens will form the final output.

Botanica Mathematica will have its own project blog but I'll make references to it here when things get interesting.

If you are interested in working from th…