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Making holiday

Crimson drops waistcoat wrap
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Not a holiday from making but a holiday from the day job for the purpose of making stuff. I have the rare luxury of 6 consecutive days in the studio.

The plan was to make a few fairly big pieces and a collection of smaller related scarves. The first of the big pieces is in the picture. It was a joy to be able to work on it over several days without 5 days of office work intervening somewhere. There's another waistcoat waiting for me to finish it when I get in today.

So far I'm really pleased with the way this week is going. Making is, however, the easy bit of getting a second income from my work. The hard part comes in December when I try to sell stuff. The current target is to break even - i.e. cover the costs of materials, having a studio and taking part in fairs and open days. If it looks likely this year then I might have a proper, part-time business next year!

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pre-felt and roving in merino wool,…