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past and future stuff going on!

Water bowl
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A quick post to prove this blog is not dead! Actually not having time to post is probably a good sign in some ways. I've been really busy with all sorts of stuff - art, work and social. Some of those categories are beginning to overlap!

Botanica Mathematica has really dominated most of what I've been doing over the summer. The project has really changed since Julia and I started it in January. I originally envisaged it being a studio project with me working in the studio on sculptural ideas, kept mathmatically rigourous by Julia'a watchful eye. It quickly developed an outreach aspect which has largely taken over the project. Because of that I've spent a lot less time on my own work and a lot more time on events and admin. This is not a bad thing at all:the project is alive and growing. It's getiting noticed in all sorts of places. I've met some lovely people and renewed some friendships through it. If you hav…