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Come to the Arts Market

Here's the flyer for the art market that's happening a week on Saturday - 29 September noon to 6pm. Its at Out of the Blue Arts Centre, The Drill Hall, Dalmeny Street, Leith. Its a great image generated from some of the roof architecture in the venue.

One of the baskets in the post below will be on show together with lots of Mobius scarves and wristbands, Cyberjewels,cyanotype scarves and brooches, felted hats & bags, nuno felt scarves, assorted beaded and felted jewellery and felt sculpture - and that's just my stand!

My cousin Sharon Whyte will also be there with her paintings and prints and so will my textiles friend Saskia Gavin. Obviously there will be loads more artists and crafters showing work too.

Marvellous Mobius Baskets

Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.
These little baskets are knitted in one piece and then felted (fulled if you want to be picky). The shape is a true Mobius strip but one section is stretched and shaped so you can have a one-edged one-sided surface that can contain things!

One of them has gone to a good home already. The other will be on display at the Out of the Blue Art Market. Details in next post in a day or two.

Beware of low flying bears!

Beware of low flying bears!
Originally uploaded by MadeleineS.
An advance scout for the invasion of the teddy bears was seen spying out Leith for a possible landing site last weekend.