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Tapirs celebrating!

Tapirs celebrating!
Originally uploaded by miketransreal.
Hooray, Yesterday was World Tapir Day. We took Raffles to the zoo to meet his relatives and had a really nice day in the sun. My own photos will appear on Flickr in due course. In the meantime click on this one to follow through to some of Mike's pictures.

I wish I'd thought of that!

dodecahedron vs.jpg
Originally uploaded by ngau83.No more to say really - except that I'm a big admirer of Norah Gaughan's work and this is why.Well yes there is more to say. I got my Ravelry account today and started poking about. I found this pretty quickly and a link to the photo on Flickr. I think I'll have a lot of fun with Ravelry but I need to start slowly and work out how best to use it - and of course find the time to do it.

Hello again!

At last another post!

Loads of things have been happening and that's really why there have been no posts. Arts market, some writing, failed submissions to an open exhibition, our joint 100th birthday, family stuff, loads of photography (like this crescent moon - click on it for full size to see the craters) and a UK premier of a film to organise plus two other screenings for the science festival but the main culprit is the return to full time day job for pension reasons!

I'll post a few things about the above over the next week and make some plans for the future internet empire. There are just too many things to keep up to date - Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Etsy (coming soon), Ravelry(eventually) and two blogs and a website!