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Windfall Scarves

Windfall Scarves
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In among the pressures of work and family and personal health I have been finding time for a couple of things. The Mathematician's Shirts project has a deadline of early November so it's the major draw on my creative energy - see it's own blog for updates on progress. However I did make some work for Felt United - the International Day of Felt - which will be posted later and I've gotten interested in "slow textiles".

A few months ago I discovered the work of India Flint and have been inspired to try some of her techniques myself. The process that intrigues me the most is the "ecoprint" - which uses the whole leaf for dyeing and leaves an imprint of it's shape and texture. Being Australian her work involves a lot of eucalyptus which gives great results. I've done some successful sample pieces with that and with red onion skins. So it's time to do more experiments.

In Edinburgh we a…