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New Social Media Policy!

I'm cutting back my social media presence. Instead I'm aiming to reinvigorate website at and to use the built-in shop facility there.
Best places to find me are Twitter @madeleines and Instagram @knotunknot. Occasional posts will still appear here. I'm only going to check Facebook once a day and may not interact much. Pictures sent in via Instagram might appear on my Knot Unknot page more often but I won't be logged in. Folksy shop will be updated from time to time. Updates will be announced on Twitter, Instagram and FB page. Etsy account will only be used for purchasing.  I've closed LinkedIn, Ello and Pinterest accounts.  I seem to be stuck with Google stuff (e.g. Google+ and GoogleHangouts) if I want to use their email, blogging and cloud storage. I don't plan to visit them though. Finally,  if want to get direct mail newsletters about Knot Unknot and other plans and projects, sign up to my mailing list here.