My very first post!

I've just launched this blog as an experiment. It will be a bit more free form than my website - though I'm not sure what direction it will take. Expect ruminations on photography and textile art and tapirs!

The domain name above is the source of the blog's name. My partner decided madeleineshepherd could be read as madeleine's hepherd rather than Madeleine Shepherd. When I figure out what a heperd is I'll post a picture!

More to come soonish.


  1. Hi Madeleine,
    nice to see you blogging (is that a real word?).
    Did you get a chance to look at The Wizard of Speed and Time?

  2. Hi Fergus,

    Yes blogging is a real word and yes I did see the youtube clip it's very silly and good for its time but reminds me of Jamie's film from around the same time - Eric's Psychedelic Suicide - same effects but a bit more serious and made by a teenager with a super8 camera!


  3. hi madeleine, i'm here to inject a bit of anarchy to the proceedings in the form of anti-capitalisation (upper case is just taking over the world!) and also to offer my theory on what a hepherd is.

    i reckon that since 'hep' is an older form of 'hip' that your blog is in fact a kind of coralling device for either:
    a/ cool retro types or,
    b/ old hippies

    which reminds me of a phrase eireann made up a few years ago - 'retro minger'. answers on a postcard please!


  4. Hello Sharon,

    Thanks for dropping by. Glad to hear you're still an anti-capitalist :-)

    My current notion for a hepherd is running along the same lines - a collection of beatnik tapirs wearing berets and shades!

    Alternatively there are photos of the in Dad's stuff of the Edinburgh Jazz Club around 1950. They were mostly a hep herd but there were probably a few retro mingers too.


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