Ceremonial Pinning!

Ceremonial Pinning!
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(l-r) Dr Joerg Sixt, Prof. Andrew Ranicki, me.
This was at the opening of rm art (yes, it's upper case free) on Friday 6 June and was taken by Ida Thompson. Being topologists, Andrew and Joerg had come along to see my Mobius baskets. Andrew bought one of my Matisse-inspired brooches for Joerg and insisted I pin it on his lapel. It does look really good with the red t-shirt.

It was a really nice opening with lots of good fizz to drink and interesting and unexpected people to chat with - including Simon Gage, director of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. I'm not sure why, but it always amazes me how the networks of people in Edinburgh fold back on themselves. Apparently gallery owner Rosie's children go to the same school as Simon's.

Six degrees of separation is really quite a lot sometimes. I discovered that one of the staff in Fabhatrix is friendly with the the landlord of my studio space. I share the studio space with the other member of staff at Fabhatrix but I've no idea if they've worked out the connection yet. It's certainly not worth being mean to people that you think you'll never see again - they may live just up the road! I recently heard both sides of a story that demonstrated exactly that point. Living in Edinburgh is a bit like living in the Prisoner's Dilemma.


  1. Like pinning a medal on!



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