Work, work, work!

Well the arts market came and went - it went well and I'll certainly do it again. As you can see I didn't get the best spot being at the back of the hall in front of some scaffolding but I did have access to power for my spotlights. Not nearly as necessary as I feared but they'll probably come into their own at a winter market.

The atmosphere was so much more open and positive than the traditional craft and design fairs I've been to of late. I'm still trying to work out why. It certainly attracted a younger crowd more interested in the work and having a nice day out. Of course they may all be other stall holders and their friends and in the end the "taking in each other's washing" business model will fail. But for now it's worth persisting.

There's a new collection of my hats and knitted scarves in Fabhatrix - Cloche hats, "seaweed" scarves and Mobius strip scarves & collars, mostly in black with purples and pinks and also some chocolate brown.

I've also got a sale or return order for scarves like the one on the right but in autumn/landscape colours. More news of that in a few weeks, once they're delivered to Concrete Wardrobe.

As well as textiles, I've been doing a fair bit of photography. I spent half a day in our local fossil and mineral shop photographing some of the owner's favourite specimens. Next time you pick up a leaflet about Mr Wood's Fossils the main image will be my photo of a rather wonderful ammonite lagerst├Ątte. When the shop's website is revamped I hope they'll use some more of the set.

Finally, more learning - I went to a Scottish Photographers' workshop a few weeks ago. John Blakemore gave an illustrated talk about his own work, gave us a preview of his exhibition in Beyond Words and allowed us to handle some of his artist's books. In the afternoon there was a kind of masterclass, where he gave feed back on all the attendees portfolios. I have to say that I agreed with everything he said about my work (mostly compositional changes), but I needed it pointed out. That's the trouble with working alone nearly all the time. I'm looking forward to his next visit which might well include practical book binding session.

On Saturday I'm off to an all day workshop run by Scottish Fibres, to learn some new techniques in felt jewellery making and to make some new friends, I hope.


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