Art on hold as science steps up

My working life has more or less been taken over by the Edinburgh International Science Festival for the next couple of weeks. My "day job" at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences includes arranging and promoting events for the festival and this year we have six of them! More than I've had to do at once since the glory days of the Edinburgh Women's Science Forum in 1995/6.

If you want you can find out more about our events on the ICMS website and blog. The press have taken much more of an interest in this year's offerings which is pleasing, though I'm sure it's the glamour of Hollywood attracting them to this talk rather than a new found interest in maths or juggling!

If you're at a loose end on Thursday 9 April it would be nice to see people at the screening of 21 in Filmhouse Cinema which I'll be introducing.

Of course art is not completely on hold - there's always something churning away in my head and there's always wool and needles in my handbag! The holiday weekend should afford some time in the studio but there are lots of distractions on offer at the science festival. I've already been to see this guy on Sunday.

Asimo at the McEwan Hall

Asimo, the world's most advanced robot does his party tricks to promote his creators' business but he's very impressive nonetheless. We also went to see the open air astrophotography exhibition in St Andrews Square. Lots of spectacular images and lots of people looking at them. Its so good to see a show like this in a non-traditional setting (not a museum or university gallery etc).

At the bioengineering/cyborg/transhumanist art/science interface there's Stelarc. I've been interested in his work since 1995 or so and he's doing two events at this years festival. The first clashes with our big night of maths talks so have booked tickets for this event. No doubt there will be lots more to distract and wear me out!


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