Doing my laces!

Lace Postcards
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Just a quick post via flickr today. I figured it was worth commemorating the fact that I managed to tie my own shoelaces a couple of weeks ago. After several years of being too arthritic to reach my feet and then a year since my first hip replacement, I now feel supple enough to wear lace ups again!

To celebrate I did some other laces as well! The postcards above are part of a collection of cyanotype prints I've just finished. They're all printed directly from textile samples - not all are technically "lace" but it's a good catch-all for these fabrics. As well as around 20 prints on paper, I'm making a few silk chiffon scarves as well. Should have a corner devoted to these at the Coburg House Open Studios Weekend.

Attack of the Knitted Tentacle update coming soon!


  1. That's great news that you are feeling so much more bendy.


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