Saturday, 17 July 2010

Doing my laces!

Lace Postcards
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Just a quick post via flickr today. I figured it was worth commemorating the fact that I managed to tie my own shoelaces a couple of weeks ago. After several years of being too arthritic to reach my feet and then a year since my first hip replacement, I now feel supple enough to wear lace ups again!

To celebrate I did some other laces as well! The postcards above are part of a collection of cyanotype prints I've just finished. They're all printed directly from textile samples - not all are technically "lace" but it's a good catch-all for these fabrics. As well as around 20 prints on paper, I'm making a few silk chiffon scarves as well. Should have a corner devoted to these at the Coburg House Open Studios Weekend.

Attack of the Knitted Tentacle update coming soon!

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  1. That's great news that you are feeling so much more bendy.