The great measuring. 91 cm

The great measuring. 91 cm
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[Another post that starts with an apology - not good...] Anyway I am sorry I haven't updated the world about the results of the Trundling Knitter's efforts - I blame Facebook!

The knitting walk was two miles and resulted in 91cm of I-cord being knitted. Stuart came to cheer the start of the walk and the whole route was observed by Mike (who took the photos and videos), Fawns and Iain. The measuring was checked by Raffles, the Transreal tapir and his young friend (pictured above).

A huge thanks goes out to all the people who sponsored the Trundling Knitter. You £339.39 raised in aid of World Tapir Day's campaign to save tapir habitat in Ecuador. The Just Giving donations page is still open if anyone hasn't donated yet. see

The knitting produced on the trundle will be incorporated in my next mad scheme - an exhibition called Attack of the Knitted Tentacles, of which more later.


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