Where did the year just go?

Works in progress
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It vanished - there seemed to be oodles of year left and now it's gone! Not that I've done nothing with it. Art college summer school was a huge heap of fun once I got past the "I can't draw so why do we have to draw stuff in a textiles course?" phase - answer "because you're here to learn new approaches". The tutor didn't say that, I had to remind myself that's why I'd signed up in the first place.

Open Studios was a bit of a let down this August - plenty of good feedback but not translating in to sales. So I had set myself the task of reviewing everything, clearing away the dead wood and maybe even moving to a space on my own where I can stamp it with its own identity. Anyway that on top of other projects mentioned in the previous post was to be my winter pastime when along come more health issues (mine and other peoples) that have stopped me in my tracks. Obviously these have to come first but poor old Plum and Pepper Studio is destined to be a work in progress for a few months longer. Hopefully Ocober will bring a cheerier posting!


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