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autumn forest scarves
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Plum and Pepper Studio website is long over due for a makeover. So I started this week with a new front page and template. The pictures are way out of date and the galleries need rearranged. I'll be tackling it in stages over the next couple of weeks and aim to finish in time for Open Studios on 1 and 2 December. have a look at www.madeleineshepherd.co.uk to see what's happening.

Makeover time also applies to my studio practice. I'll be concentrating on wearable textiles (scarves, wraps, jewellery for the moment) but experimenting with textile vessels and exploring new techniques.

One of the techniques I'm looking at is surface decoration using rubber stamps. When I was ill last year I started playing with this technique on paper. I made a collection of greetings cards and have just picked up some lovely handmade paper cards for another set. However I'm working towards stamping on silk once I'm happy that the inks and paints I'm using are robust enough for repeated washing.

The other big change on the way is a proper online shop and all the intimidating paperwork and red tape that comes with it. Yes after the last post I decided that back to the 80s was a realistic proposition as long as it was backed up with a proper job to start with. This is really a project for the spring after the website is sorted and the winter holidays are out of the way. In the meantime, you can see my stuff at the Craft Reactor exhibition and Coburg House Open Studios in December. Details to follow next time.

[thank you to the Roseleaf Cafe Bar for the free wifi so close to the studio!


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