High Jinks and Hidden Gems

 Performance knitting was added to my CV at the end of last month! I answered a call to join the International Knitting Circle associated with the experimental rock band 'faUSt'. I've enjoyed their music for about 40 years and they were playing just round the corner from my house so of course it seemed like the obvious thing to do.

When I arrived at the gig it turned out that Edinburgh had mustered a circle of one knitter - me! Just as well since the stage was very full of gear.  I sat at the front of the stage for the full set, knitting a hat and being a focus of calm for the audience if the rest of the show was overwhelming!  Here's a photo from the gig, taken by Mike Calder.

As you can see, faUSt don't just use conventional musical instruments!  It was huge fun and I'd be up for doing it again if the opportunity arises.

 Hidden Gems is the jewellery exhibition at Coburg House this month.  I'm taking part with a new collection of felt pieces as one of 17 makers based at the studios.  Hopefully you'll get a chance to come and see some of the wonderful work on show one weekend before Christmas.  Opening times and details in the images below.

Next year is already shaping up to be busy - new ideas, an exhibition and hopefully Maker Faire again just for the spring.  Keep checking back in 2018 for news and nonsense.


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