No time to blog!

Well more or less - October has been pretty busy.

The picture on the left is a detail of one of 17 scarves I made in response to an order from Concrete Wardrobe. The base is silk and the bulk of the felt is merino fleece. The wiggly line made from a few strands of Wensleydale locks. Wensleydale hardly shrinks at all compared to merino. Making these took most of my workshop time in October, though I spent the time in the luxurious surroundings of Mixing Fibres. My own space is just about big enough to make jewellery and postcards! I learned a lot about the nuno felting process and am now on the lookout for another project for this technique.

There are more pictures of the scarves and some "inspirational" images like this one on my website (which I spent most of yesterday redesigning). I've used quotation marks as the particular inspirations were taken after the scarf project was completed. The colours were all around me but I didn't stop to photograph them till the scarves were done. They're on sale now at the aforementioned Concrete Wardrobe, Edinburgh.

The day I finished felting I met some old friends for dinner in a new Indian restaurant called "Nine Cellars" Very nice food, great company, lots of wine and a good deal of discussion of the old days. The old days are the subject of another blog, Works to Wear, which is just getting under way. We were all involved one way or another in the junction between fashion, art and craft in Edinburgh during the early 1980s and Works to Wear is an attempt to gather together the work we did and document that time. There were many more people involved - if you were one, leave a comment here or at Works to Wear and I'll get back to you.

The other excitement last month was our helicopter trip - that link is to the photos from it on Flickr. It was a birthday present for Mike from his brother but the ticket was for two :-) and what's more Mike made sure I got the front seat next to the pilot. That's how I managed to get pictures like this one of Blackness Castle on the River Forth. We flew over the Forth Bridges and the western edge of Edinburgh and then up the river just beyond Linlithgow. This meant I could at last look down on Grangemouth for real instead of just metaphorically! I'm sure there are people out there that love the town but I spent a miserable ten years or so there as a child. Grangemouth would have to show me something very special to make amends.


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