Powers of Ten Picnic

To celebrate the iconic short film Powers of Ten made by Ray and Charles Eames you are invited to participate in a recreation of the picnic in the opening scene and in the creation of a communal art work representing scale in the universe and the effect of adding another zero. You can see the film Powers of Ten at intervals throughout the day on the big screen in Festival Square, Edinburgh and all of the BBC's big screens around the UK. Many thanks are due to Simon Whatley of Realise Furniture for making this happen! You  can also see the film at the end of this post but the effect is not the same.

We will gather at 2pm on Sunday 10 October 2010. The meeting place is the area outside The Pavilion Cafe in the Meadows, Melville Drive, Edinburgh. The cafe should be open so you don't have to come laden with picnic food.

Please bring is a 10cm by 10cm square of art work in any medium which can be attached to a board. It should represent your choice of the microscopic world, everyday life or deep space. The finished work will be in three panels of 100 squares - one for each theme so feel free to make more than one! There will be some materials for drawing, knitting and stitching available for you to make something while you're at the picnic too.

If you can't bring your work along to the Meadows on Sunday please post it to:
Madeleine Shepherd
Studio 43
Coburg House Art Studios
15 Coburg Street

Don't forget to enclose your name for the list of contributors and a contact email or address for the thank you note. Once assembled the finished work will be exhibited in Edinburgh at a location yet to be decided.

The weather is, of course, always unpredictable in Scotland at this time of year. If it's not actually raining we will try to stage the event. If rain starts while we're there we can shelter at the nearby Pavilion Cafe.

If Facebook is your thing you'll find an event page for the picnic here. You can let us know here if you plan to attend.

Whether you can come or not I hope you will spend some time being part of the global celebration of the lives and work of Ray and Charles Eames on 10/10/10.


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