Cogs and Christmas

Cogs and Christmas
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First foray into hand-stamped Christmas cards today. This and one other design so far. I have a whole load of ideas about building up collaged layers with tints of the same colour topped off with a contrast image floating on top. Once I'm well on top of the technique on paper it will be time to transfer it to fabric. Stamping on silk scarves seems quite promising for fine detail - coarser block prints on felt is probably the stage after that. The cards should be available at the Craft Reactor exhibition this weekend and Coburg House Open Studios next weekend.

In other hot news, I got confirmation that Plum and Pepper now has its own home in Coburg House instead of sharing. My health is currently far from perfed, though improving so a team of wonderful volunteers will be helping me move all the stuff to my new location this weekend. While there won't be time/energy to get things exactly the way I want them for Open Studios, I will be installed and ready to meet you and talk about my work. Come along on 3 & 4 of December to see my new space. has all the details of times and a map of how to find the studios.


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