Time flies out of the bottles!

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Hello world - I've been riding the rollercoaster of life and work and not been making so much in the last couple of months. There are a number of projects I'm involved in that are crystallising now.

If you're in Edinburgh between tomorrow and Sunday 27 November, it would be great if you could drop in on the Craft Reactor Members' Showcase at Coburg House in Leith. see www.craftreactor.com for details. Around six or seven members have taken this opportunity to show off their work. My contribution is mostly from my existing cyanotype collection but I've made some hand stamped cards for the retail desk as well - see above and click the image to see more on my flickr account. If you come along to the show you'll see a great variety of work though.

The Coburg House Open Studios is fast approaching - 3 & 4 December in fact. You can come and see my new experiments in transfer dyeing with vegetable matter and in felt making. There will be all the favourite scarves and brooches too. You can also grab a bargain from the prototypes and old stock box. See the Coburg House website for details and directions www.coburghouseartstudios.co.uk

The Mathematician's Shirts collaboration looks like getting a city centre venue in December and January with the other three ASCUS funded projects and a programme of associated events. Check out www.themathematiciansshirts.wordpress.com for details when they're available.

Part of my rollercoaster life is due to my health issues. I've been in hospital for an investigative operation and am signed off work for a month just when I should be being busy and productive. My recovery from the op is on track and the likely diagnosis is manageable and not fatal but limiting. I've been using the local coffee shops to gauge my recovery and there's a diary of that at www.edinburghcoffeespoons.wordpress.com

That's enough just now - need to get lunch and a nap before this afternoon's activities.


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