Freedom! - well a little bit anyway...

Free from the Facebook demon - I just deleted my account and am stepping away from the nonsense at last.

Frankly it was becoming a burden and a drain on my creative time.  I tried not using my account so much but every time I went back I got sucked in a bit more than I wanted too. It may not have shown in my posting because I was just being dragged into more and more reading distracting novelties. I run the Facebook presence for the day job too and my work was overlapping - posting things with the wrong account could be a danger. Giving up Facebook should release enough time to update my proper website and write more considered posts for this blog. If you "liked" the Plum and Pepper page on Facebook I'm afraid it's gone now but there should be better quality activity here to compensate.  Tweeting is fun and easier on the move - please follow @plumandpepper on Twitter if you want that kind of input.

And now a few links that cover the wider issues around Facebook from various standpoints:

- and watch this video - it's pretty good. I'll get back to textile talk next time.


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