Helter Skelter Sleepwalking

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Writing, knitting, figuring, crocheting and partying have all featured this week. My life seems to rush by in such a helter skelter fashion that it feels like it'll go on without me if I just stood still. Of course, I don't really believe that so I keep doing stuff anyway and it keeps getting intertwined and confused. I end up exhausted - so much so I don't know how to stop.

On Monday, Heather from McAree Bros arrived at my work to collect a big bag of textile maths objects to use in their yarn store window display. So I had a 10 minute art break in the office day. Tuesday saw me at the Roslin Institute for an inspiring workshop on creative non-fiction writing (like this post but soooo much better!) and I've now got a whole new set of ideas that apply to the day job and the arty life. Wednesday evening was time to see where Julia and I would have our stall at Mini Maker Faire in Summerhall in a couple of weeks. That's going to be Botanica Mathematica's first proper public outing. I'm doing this as me and as part of ICMS so the lines are really blurred. On Thursday night we went to the opening party of the Edinburgh International Science Festival - met some old friends, did some schmoozing and played with lots of exhibits. Friday at the day job was full of prep for next week at the Festival and then suddenly it's Saturday! I've met friends for breakfast, worked in the studio and come full circle back to McAree Bros. Having photographed the finished window display I'm now sitting in Bon Papillon gallery cafe blogging about it. I don't feel I've been properly awake all week and yet all that stuff has happened. I wonder what it would be like if I did stop for a rest...


  1. hi there, is this still being displayed as I would like to go and see it? thanks, Alex


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