The giving season!

a snap of some Waterfall Scarves
in my studio at a Coburg House.
[update: One scarf sold this season so I decided to pay it forward and made a donation of £95 instead of £9.50.  The scarves will go on sale again later in the year and if I sell more than ten I'll donate again.]

Yes it's that time again! The time when we arts and crafts folk hope you'll give creative handmade things to your nearest and dearest. I'll be giving back too -  fifteen percent of the sales of my Waterfall Scarves at Open Studios or the Arts Market will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) who do life-saving voluntary work providing healthcare in conflict zones, at natural disasters and fighting epidemics around the world.

Hand-dyed yarns make these scarves are unique.  There are lots more colours in the collection than you see in this photo. They come in two sizes - long and narrow or shorter and wider. The fibre content is varied too - some are  traditional wool/nylon sock yarn, some are pure Merino wool and some are a mixture of Blue Faced Leicester wool and silk.

Some of the yarns came from Natural Dye Studio who sadly no longer exist. A couple are from Yarn Pony and quite a few are from Ripples Crafts who inspired me to do this with their Crisis in Malawi yarn project.  They raised just over £600 for the Mary's Meals charity with this special batch of yarn. I don't have enough scarves to match this amount but every little helps the world be a better place.

"Where can we buy one?", I hear you ask!  At Coburg House Open Studios 3&4 December, where you can visit me in Studio 37, and at the Out of the Blue Arts Market on 10 December where I'll be part of the Craft Reactor Edinburgh crew.  Follow the links for full details about location and times.


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