A Bestiary of Authors Again

A Bestiary of Authors
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A quick snap of my exhibition just before opening - not to a fanfare or a private few(view) but to the general Monday morning in July shoppers. Sunday 29 July was spent getting the final pictures into frames and breaking my nails in the process (girly boo hoo!) then getting everything hung up at Transreal. Mike was great at accurately positioning all the big framed photos like these ones and worked really hard to get it done in some awkward places.

There's a real mixture of work on show - fifty two items altogether. If you need a justification for that mixture then it reflects the variety of people in the exhibition as well as the development of my practice over many years. I've been taking photos of SF & F authors for about ten years with no real plan behind it. When we decided to have the exhibition it was a big job just finding all the potential candidates in the archive and picking out a representative selection. It also coincided with my first forays into the solvent transfer technique so there's a set of those as well as the two sizes and different styles of photographs.

The list of authors in the show is diverse. There are big names in the genre and emerging writers along with one or two mainstream authors who have worked in this field. Here's the list of all thirty four in alphabetical order:

Brian Aldiss
Iain M. Banks
Stephen Baxter
Ron Butlin
Susanna Clarke
Hal Duncan
Andrew C. Ferguson
Jasper Fforde
William Gibson
Joe Haldeman
Peter F. Hamilton
M. John Harrison
James P. Hogan
Gavin Inglis
Ken Macleod
Yann Martell
Paul McAuley
Anne McCaffrey
Deborah J. Miller
Elizabeth Moon
Richard Morgan
Jeff Noon
Ricardo Pinto
Christopher Priest
Hannu Rajaniemi
Alastair Reynolds
Kim Stanley Robinson
Brian Ruckley
Charles Stross
Michael Swanwick
Harry Turtledove
Neil Williamson
Connie Willis
Andrew J. Wilson

See my main website for some of the actual images and an online shop.


  1. This post was edited on 16 August to fix the link to my website. Many thanks to Ken Macleod for alerting me to the problem.

  2. Celebrity author web corrections? Whatever next? Arthur C Clarke faxing you to point out an apostrophe error on your myspace page?

    Seriously though, congratulations on getting the exhibition off the ground and onto the walls, and I look forward to seeing it soon!

  3. Well Scott, I know it's sad but since I'm the only person who's commented on my blog since the first post I thought I'd indulge in a spot of name dropping too!

    Anyway I'm glad you'll get here for the end of the festival. See you soon.


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