Shirts on show - now!

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The Mathematician's Shirts finally went on display in the ASCUS Project Space a couple of weeks ago. The Space is a temporary gallery in the St James Centre Shopping Mall, Edinburgh. It'll be there until 26th February, open every day except Tuesdays. This is one of four art science collaborative projects on display there.

My collaborator and I will be giving a talk and demo about the work this evening. Next Thursday the group behind "How Steep is Now" will be talking about their work.

Full details about the exhibition and events can be found at

I'm already thinking about the next half dozen projects on the to-do-list. As usual I'll probably post here a bit to late so follow me at @madeleines and @plumandpepper on for up to date snippets and lots more nonsense!


  1. I must put this in my diary, it sounds fascinating. Did you ever see that exhibition in the Museum in Chambers Street by an artist who had burned holes in shirts using incense sticks?


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