bag of distraction

bag of distraction
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So on Friday night a bag of stuff I made in the 1980s arrived full of knitting and memories. It had been dropped off in Mike's shop by my old friend Fawns, who owns Fabhatrix. The bag had parts of two sweaters that I'd made in the 1980s for her and her mother. I probably swapped them for something she'd made but I cant remember what it was now.

I'd seen parts of these sweaters turn up in her work a few years ago and had assumed that they'd all gone now. It was quite a surprise to see them again - a nice surprise. It's got me thinking about what I can make from them now. Hence "bag of distraction" but I think that a batch of cushions might be on the way. For some time I've been thinking about making domestic textiles (rugs and cushions) and this is probably the prompt I need.


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